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Sometimes called “gubbins”, baby goblins differ from adult goblins in that they will still eat you but it’ll take longer cuz tiny teefs

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Goblin Week is happen! Little grotty bastards everywhere crawl from their mouldy crannies to partake in the festivities, drinking fermented piss and eating your unwanted extremities!

Goblins, as we all know, come in as many subspecies as you can imagine. This one’s a wood goblin, with its characteristic wispy tail and extra-long opposable toes for grabbing roots and squirrels. All goblins are omnivores, but these ones are much more into tubers and moss than most.

Maybe I’ll draw more goblins this week! It’s hard not to love anything so unselfconsciously nasty and grubby.

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A couple sketchies of NPCs in the tiny beleaguered settlement on the edges of the wilderness, cut off from civilization for years. Some have taken it better than others.

The PCs brought the bandaged Warforged back to life using magical wraps that they found in a tomb full of giant mummies. He means well, but he takes things VERY literally. They’ve left him in the homestead with instructions to build a huge fence around it to keep out the mutant marauders that ravage them weekly. They didn’t really let him know when enough is enough, though. Hope the citizens are okay with THE BIGGEST FENCE EVER

The gnome at the bottom is pretty much the worst person. Don’t talk to him.

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Elrond Eats A Meatball Sub
photoshop ink on photoshop canvas, 2013
asking price: $6,000,000 or one (1) lifetime supply of onion rings

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Also, made this for my wife for Valentine’s Day. We’re pretty big Borderlands 2 fans.

Also, made this for my wife for Valentine’s Day. We’re pretty big Borderlands 2 fans.